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Kocohedron lighting

Motivated by the simplicity of mathematic design, Studio Willem Schouten and Koen Coppens - operating under the name of Kocowisch -  adopted a range of frames for their Kocohedron Collection. The inspiration for the collection arose from the irony of traditional lamps that, when not in use, tend to block natural light during the daytime. By integrating the light source into the construction of the frame, Willem and Koen address this paradox, creating structures that allow for natural light to pass through while also casting dynamic shadows when in use. They are both complex and minimalist. Expansive yet spacious. The Collection consists out of five lamps, in three sizes, that can be used pendant as well as standing. The lamps can be finished in a wide variety of finishes like (brushed) gold, brass, chrome or copper or in a colour of choice.  For more information check  or @kocowisch.

Year: 2016 - now

Dimensions: Ranging from 30 x 30 x 5 CM to 150 x 150 x 150 CM 

Material: Plated or painted aluminium  / LED

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