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Dodo Pendant

Dodo Pendant

Inspired by the duality of both the simplicity and the complexity of mathematical wireframes, the Dodo pendant is a mathematical marvel to the eye. A classic shape reinvented, the pendant embodies timeless elegance and is a refined mix of industrial minimalism and sophisticated feminism. As simple as a shape can be, its wireframe plays tricks on the eye, making it either complex or simple when viewed from different angles. The pendant can be worn on the chest or as a ‘choker’, depending on your mood, style or the event. 

The Dodo pendant is modelled after a regular Dodecahedron. In geometry, a dodecahedron is any mathematical figure with 12 faces. The great philosopher Plato believed he could describe our universe using just five simple shapes. He thought the Dodecahedron resembled our complete universe and everything in it. Some scientists even suggest our universe is shaped like a dodecahedron. 

  • Each pendant is made through a process where the oldest and newest techniques of gold smithing meet. The pendants are made using the ‘lost wax casting process’. A 3D printed positive model in wax is covered in a ceramic coating, which is then heated to melt the wax, leaving a hollow mould to be filled with a molten metal of your choice. After cooling, the pendants are hand polished, plated with a metal of your choice and hand polished again. Each pendant comes with a wide variety of coloured wires. 

€ 95,00Price
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